Training & Support


Once you make the decision to invest in an Automated Marketing System solution. you’ll receive one- to -one training with each of the system package options. This will be hands on training designed to get you up and running fast.

We’ll use remote access software so that you can be trained even if you happen to be vacationing on a cruise ship in the Bahamas!

The initial training is designed to make you an independent user of the system so that you’re not reliant on us or anyone else to manage it on a day-to-day basis.

You’ll be trained on both the functions you’re likely to use on a regular basis as well as a number of functions that you might only deal with one or two times each month. The goal is for you to start using the system from day 1 for marketing and growing your business fast.


You’ll receive 1 month of unlimited support with any of Automated Marketing System package options you select. You’ll also be able to extend your support on a monthly basis fora nominal fee.

During the initial month we’ll be available to assist you in whatever area you might need help the most. We’ll also check in periodically to ensure your system is running optimally.

More good news – unlike many technology service providers, Automated Marketing Systems does not tie you into a support contract (e.g. buying support for 3, 6, 12 months). We understand that you may need to budget for support and we’re here to serve you in whatever way you deem best.

Additionally the eCommerce package comes with free email and telephone support.

A CRM Solution = More Sales!

Having a CRM system in place gives you the power to see the results of your sales, marketing and customer service efforts. You’ll have prospect and customer data at your fingertips and have new ways of using the data you collect.

When it is tied to your website you can launch targeted sales and marketing campaigns and uncover new revenue opportunities where none existed before.

And to get a better idea of what having a CRM system in place would be worth to your bottom line, consider the following:

  • How effective are your lead generation efforts and how much could CRM save you?
    AMS Training & Support
  • What sales are you not closing that you could close with more efficient data management?
    AMS Training & Support
  • How do your inefficiencies in customer service translate into extra costs or lost revenue opportunities?
    AMS Training & Support
  • What do you not know about your current customers, how many will go to the competition, and at what revenue loss?

When you add up the lost opportunity and the inefficiency costs it’s quite likely that you are losing and costing far more than you expected. In nearly all cases, your total will be more than the cost of the CRM implementation.

So. . .isn’t it time you put a CRM solution to work for your business?

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