What Our Customers Say:

“At first I was unsure as to the benefits that the automated marketing system could bring to the way we stay in touch with the customers we have, but …

Once Charles explained all the different ways in which the package could be customised I was much more interested. However, it was only really once we’d started playing with ideas that the true power of the Activator system came to life.

Our company philosophy has always meant that customers cannot be sent general noise to try and better our relationship, but with Charles help we have already seen customers coming out of the woodwork through gently reaching out to them. And the best thing is once the templates and the action plans are developed there is very little else to do but sit back and watch the emails go with the touch of a button.


~Alastair Benn, Motor Headhunter

Testimonial - Mary Waring

“Charles provided a truly excellent service getting me up and running with my new website…


The training was pitched at exactly the right level and anything which I didn’t understand was fully explained to me in layman’s terms without any geek speak. As a very non technical person it was totally in the language I can relate to.

The system itself is very easy to use and very intuitive. Within a short period of time I was very confident that I could do new pages, new downloads, new products etc.

I would totally recommend Charles and Automated Marketing Systems for your ecommerce website. The service is extremely professional and delivered with excellence."

~Mary Waring, Mary Waring & Associates


Testimonial - Simon Tinkler

“We have a self managing website over which we have complete control."

“Automated Marketing Systems has provided S2 Performance with a self managing website over which we have complete control. Our new website provides automated lead generation and CRM functionality that underpins our business and is much more than just a website.

We chose Automated Marketing Systems because of their superb business and technical expertise. We chose them because we were impressed with their flexible and professional approach."


~Simon Tinkler, S2 Performance

Testimonial - Dennis Charles

“Their customer service is second to none."


“I’ve used AMS for my coaching and consulting business and I’m really pleased with the results. What really impresses me is their knowledge and understanding of how to market my business online. Their customer service is second to none and they are most responsive to my needs. I’d recommend their services to anyone who wants to automate their marketing and grow their business."


~Dennis Charles, Dennis A Charles and Associates.

“I am making more and more sales every month!"

As a personal development trainer, it’s hasn’t always been easy making time to market my business. That is, until now. With my new AMS eCommerce enabled website, and with the marketing know-how I received from AMS, my list of prospects grows every day. And I am making more and more sales everymonth. The best news is that this all happens automatically leaving me free to work with clients one on one – which is what I most love to do! Thank you AMS!

~Joseph Riggio, Owner

Testimonial - Jeremy Harrison

“To date the system is running very well and I am now expanding its use to include other clients."


Charles has set-up an automated data system to handle my client base. To date the system is running very well and I am now expanding its use to include other clients. I expect sales to increase as a result of installing the system.


~Jeremy Harrison,Associate Partner St. James’s Place

Testimonial - Ulrik Villadsen

“We use the AMS systems to maintain our relations with blue chip companies and high potential leadership talents across the globe."


AMS has been most helpful to us and a great source of inspiration in our work to design, set-up and run our brand new marketing system. We have been able to tap into AMS’ great experience and benefited immensely from AMS unsurpassed customer service. Your staff has been friendly, easily accessible and very pro-active throughout both purchase, set-up and administration phases of the system.

Our experience at the KF Andersen Leadership Academy is that AMS has is a most valuable business partner. Now we benefit from an easy, efficient and extremely cost effective markting and customer relations set-up. We use the AMS systems to maintain our relations with blue chip companies and high potential leadership talents across the globe. We can fully recommend AMS as a marketing and business partner.

Best Regards on behaf of the KF Andersen Leadership Academy


~Ulrik Villadsen,Partner

Testimonial - Andrew Marsh
“We would – and indeed have – recommend Automated Marketing Systems services without hesitation"

“We recently contracted with Automated Marketing Systems to supply us with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for prospecting new leads and keeping in touch with existing customers. We have a database spanning over 11,000 contacts and we found the products supplied by Automated Marketing Systems worked seamlessly with our current processes and applications. However, by far and away the ‘stand out’ feature of working with Automated Marketing Systems was Charles Moore’s hands-on involvement in the entire process: expert, knowledgeable, dedicated, accessible, friendly… and not least patient! We would – and indeed have – recommend Automated Marketing Systems services without hesitation."


~Andrew Marsh, The Best of Kingston

Testimonial - Piers Fallowfield-Cooper“I have introduced Charlie Moore to several of my clients, some of whom who have been smart enough to hire him.


He installed our contact management database on time and on budget – a rare event in the world of IT. Charlie is full of energy, enthusiasm and a true professional. I recommend him highly"


~Piers Fallowfield-Cooper, Mind-Star Executive Coaching and Business Mentoring

Testimonial - Barry Starling
“I have no hesitation in saying that using Charles was the right decision."


“We are really pleased to have our system up and running. Charles has been a terrific help in the early stages of implementation, he really wants to see the system working to make you money and works hard to insure you are getting value from your investment.. I have no hesitation in saying that using Charles was the right decision. Whilst we are in the very early stages of it working we feel confident that it will pay for itself in a matter of time."

~Barry Starling, Director – Love your Logo

Testimonial - Ken Rudge
“I realised a long time ago that we needed to communicate withour customers and target prospects on a regular and consistent basis"


I’d kind of hoped that Act! would do that for us. While Act! is a great repository of information and allows you to do all sorts of things, you still have to do those things and remember to do them. With the varying demands of business doing that those things proved impossible to do regularly and were time-consuming when they did get done. I am very pleased with my choice to proceed with Activator having considered it for a long time. Building on the investment made with Act! I can see that we’re going to achieve our objectives with our customers and they’re going to struggle to forget us, what we do and what makes us special."


~Ken Rudge, Owner – ServiceMaster Torquay

“AMS came highly recommended by a colleague who also uses the system."

I now have an easy-to-use business productivity tool that has been personalized to fit my business. Excellent! If you’re thinking about it, my advice is GO FOR IT!


~Carlyle Jenkins, Owner – Prohab

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