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Finally… a cost-effective formula to generate leads…build a prospect list… and ramp up Online Sales… Fast! 

Discover How You Can Put Your Marketing Efforts on Autopilot to Attract More Leads and Close More Sales… More of the Time!

“I’d recommend AMS to anyone who wants to automate their marketing and grow their business. I’ve used AMS for my coaching and consulting business and I’m really pleased with the results. What really impresses me is their knowledge and understanding of how to market my business online. Their customer service is second to none and they are most responsive to my needs. I’d recommend AMS to anyone who wants to automate their marketing and grow their business.”
Dennis Charles

In today’s highly competitive business environment, effective marketing is the single most important key to growing your business and maintaining a competitive edge. Aside from marketing, your business may also need financial support. Fortunately, an option like a merchant cash advance can be utilized.


On the one hand, you can struggle to attract new customers. You can leave your marketing efforts to chance and then wonder why business remains at a standstill.  This is what the majority of small businesses do and this is why most of them fail.


On the other hand, technology now makes it possible to automate your marketing. You can put a system in place that lets you generate leads and grow your business almost entirely on autopilot.  You can make it easy for customers to buy from you.


That’s where the AMS Marketing Automation solution comes in.


Now, you can capture new leads on your website… build customer confidence through automated email campaigns… and track where your prospects and customers are in the sales process automatically.   And you will start attracting more leads and closing more sales from the moment your marketing automation is turned on.

Reach Out and Connect With Your Prospects…

Over and Over Again Until they Buy!

Marketing studies have shown that it can take as many as eight or nine “marketing touches” to close a new sale. This means consistent follow-up is essential. And the truth is, this type of focused and consistent follow up is not practical for the small business owner without marketing automation.


The AMS Marketing Automation solution empowers you to do this.  You’ll have the the tools and technology you need to effectively grow your prospect list and market to them on a regular basis… leading to higher sales conversions and higher profits.


Here’s an overview of what the AMS Marketing Automation solution can do for your business:

  • You’ll reduce costs and increase productivity — Marketing automation eliminates tedious and cumbersome manual tasks and minimizes procedures that waste time and money
  • You’ll ramp up sales quickly Your marketing will be more targeted and relevant… response and conversion rates will jump… sales cycles will shorten… and repeat business will increase
  • Measures results from any point of your marketing campaigns You’ll quickly determine the impact of your most recent email marketing efforts or the affect your latest advertising campaign has had on lead generation activities
  • You’ll more effectively build customer loyalty, generate repeat business and attract referral business — By continuously marketing to your database, you’ll develop long term relationships and close more sales… even while you sleep
  • Automatically begin marketing to new prospects Your marketing and follow up kicks in right away as soon as you generate a new lead… resulting in higher sales conversions and higher profits
  • Personalize your marketing to boost response rates and sales conversions Speak directly to your prospect in your email marketing and direct mail promotions to shorten the sales cycle and close more business
  • You’ll get vital marketing intelligence When you know what’s working and what’s not, you’ll make better and more strategic decisions regarding future marketing efforts and product development
  • Monitors in real-time all aspects of your marketing You can check campaign stats, edit an email sequence, view sales orders and provide customer service… from anywhere you have access to a computer

It’s worth repeating… effective marketing is what separates business success from business failure.  What’s more, the most effective way to generate more leads and close more sales is to have a marketing automation system in place.


Automation gives you leverage and helps make you money day and night.  You can instantly implement a marketing campaign to your existing customer base as well as to new prospects.  You’ll build long-term relationships with both and as a result, close more sales and repeat sales.


When you implement the AMS Marketing Automation solution, your firm can leapfrog into a dominant position within your industry… and stay there. But aside from this solution, you may also want to secure documents like that file boi report in massachusetts in order for your business to stay afloat. 

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