Are you using Act, Infusion, Salesforce or Outlook to acquire customers, build loyalty and make repeat sales?

Discover How CRM will Help You

Manage Your Database Effectively to Increase

Sales and Profits… Starting today!

“. . .superb business and technical expertise. Automated Marketing has provided S2 Performance with a self-managing website over which we have complete control… and the CRM functionality that underpins our business gives us much more than just a website. We chose Automated Marketing because of their superb business and technical expertise. We chose them because we were impressed with their flexible and professional approach."
Simon Tinkler, S2 Performance

To maximize business success, both online and offline, it is important to consistently keep your marketing message in front of both prospects and customers alike.


Having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution in place that helps you manage all the tasks and information related to developing and maintaining business relationships… is the key.


That’s where Automated Marketing Systems comes in.


When you have our comprehensive CRM Software Solution in place, your company’s prospect and customer data can be used more effectively to generate new sales, referral sales and repeat sales.


Your marketing, sales, and customer support efforts can be synchronized allowing you to track a contact from the instant communication begins through the entire sales and customer lifecycle.

Don’t Miss Out on Referrals and Repeat  Business

If you already have Act, Salesforce or Infusion software, we can help you tap into their fullest potential.  If you use Outlook, we will make sure it is working for you… instead of you working for it.


The bottom line is this… the AMS CRM software solution will help you manage your business more strategically, more profitably and more efficiently.  It will help you increase customer retention and loyalty and allow you to provide customer service second to none.


Here’s an overview of what the AMS CRM Software Solution can do for your business:

  • Capture customer details and quickly discover what they prefer and what they want to buy   You’ll be able to quickly weed out unprofitable products and develop new ones that sell
  • Build lasting customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention — Makes your success virtually guaranteed
  • Track customers wherever they are in the sales process This kind of market intelligence will reveal what needs to be done to close more sale

  • Discover cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for existing customers that you never knew existed You’ll see an increase in sales practically overnight

  • Records all customer and prospect interactions — You’ll know who needs to be contacted and when to contact them… and you’ll stop losing sleep at night over lost opportunities!

  • Keeps you organized with easily accessed records of all prospect and customer details — No more excel sheet overload
  • Integrates with your shopping cart and marketing efforts —You’ll manage your business more strategically from an easy to use admin control panel and interface

  • Puts you in front of prospects and customers with regular email communications You’ll foster long-term relationships and customer loyalty… and ultimately more sales 

The costs of not having an CRM solution can be catastrophic to your business.  Without access to prospect and customer data, it’s as if you are flying in the dark… without a map to guide your way.


Success comes from having a system that offers sound data management… that keeps your finger on the pulse of what your customers want and need.


Our CRM software solution provides that system.  It makes running your business so much easier you’ll wonder how your business survived without it. It will free your time and give you the peace of mind knowing that someone is always minding the store.

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We’ll cover some of the database management challenges you’re facing and how best to overcome them. The goal is that by the end of the consultation you’ll be clear how to best move forward and meet your business objectives. We will assist you to get a data management software similar to the ones from Couchbase to help you with all aspects of your business.

We know how challenging it can be to start a new business or grow an existing one… and we can help. 

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P.S.  Success comes from having an effective CRM system in place that helps ensure both the prospect and the customer are well cared for.  Put our solution to work and see more sales and more repeat sales… starting today. Let’s take a look at what this system can do for your business.  Register for your free consultation today!

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