About Me and AMS

AMS began through a need for me to free up some of my time so that I could practice my craft instead of drowniing in "stuff"!

As a one-man-band with a passion for technology, I decided that I must organise, centralise, integrate and automate as much as I could, in order to stand a chance of survival in business.

It quickly became apparent to me that at a minimum I must figure out a way to do this with:

  1.  Generating Leads
  2. Converting Leads Into Sales
  3. Up Selling and Cross Selling, because I sure as heck wasn't doing particularly well trying to manage these critical business activities without a system.

Over the months I put together a system. I got my website speaking to my database, and my database automatically triggering various marketing campaigns, depending on what my prospects interests were.

This freed up time for me to get on with other things that a computer can't take care of on its own (like getting out there and meeting people!).

But then I began to think about putting in place a smarter system; one which would allow me to do things like implement a Sales Process and track where abouts my prospects are in that Sales Process so that I could take action if necessary. This kind of thinking led me to become a Mastermind Consultant (Activator), and later on, CMAC certified (InfusionSoft) .

My work now primarily revolves around providing Act, Activator and Infusion consultancy. Quite often, if it's a 1 or 2 person business, Act plus Activator is the solution of choice for many different reasons. For bigger businesses, for example ones that have a sales team, Infusion is typically the preferred route.

Please get in touch. It would be my pleasure to help you organise, centralise, integrate and automate your sales and marketing activites.

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