Keep in touch with all your contacts...
Building a list and keeping in touch using a sales process is essentially what we're about. Our fully integrated system makes sure this critical business activity happens - no matter what. More leads ...more sales ...more of the time!
1. Website
The aim is to have a website that automatically feeds a database, and that then automatically feeds a marketing system. So the first question is: Do you have a website yet? If you do, are you 100% satisfied with it? (If you do, and are happy with it,then skip to number 2!)
  • Easy to use - our website is a web based system that's available through any browser on any computer connected to the internet
  • Integrated - it will be conected to a database/marketing system, saving you hours of manual input, and making sure that no one slips through the gaps.
  • Reliable - it's a fully backed up system, available 24/7, and with full email and telephone support.
2. Database
Having a database is critical to business growth, and it's the hub of automated marketing activities. Let me take the leg work out of the research, and fast track you through the implementation of your database.
  • Information is the most valuable asset of your business. Using a database (CRM system), begin to use this information to make you money
  • Save time by putting all your information in one place - notes, emails, documents etc stored against a contact
  • Have data from forms on your website automatically feed in to your database.
3. Marketing System
An automated marketing system will help you keep in touch with more people, enough times, with the right message. I can set you up with anything from a simple autoresponder through to advanced sales and marketing systems. When your marketing is on auto-pilot, you'll develop an ongoing stream of sales and profits around the clock.
  • Close more new business by staying in touch with prospects - Keep in touch so they buy from you and not someone else
  • Get more repeat business by staying in touch with existing clients - Increase the lifetime value of your clients
  • Ask for and get referrals from new clients & your existing customer base - These are the best type of leads!
“Their customer service is second to none. I’ve used AMS for my coaching and consulting business and I’m really pleased with the results. What really impresses me is their knowledge and understanding of how to market my business online. Their customer service is second to none and they are most responsive to my needs. I’d recommend their services to anyone who wants to automate their marketing and grow their business.”
Dennis Charles
Dennis A Charles and Associates,
Dennis Charles
“I am making more and more sales every month! As a personal development trainer, it’s hasn’t always been easy making time to market my business. That is, until now. With my new AMS eCommerce enabled website, and with the marketing know-how I received from AMS, my list of prospects grows every day. And I am making more and more sales everymonth. The best news is that this all happens automatically leaving me free to work with clients one on one – which is what I most love to do! Thank you AMS!
Joseph Riggio